4 Reasons to build muscle


Sarcopenia is the name given to age related muscle loss. After the age of 30 you can expect to lose 3-5% per decade. If preventing premature ageing isn’t enough of a reason, here are 4 more to really get you motivated to build some muscle:

1. Muscle increases your metabolism and keeps your body functioning well. The more muscle you have the more fat you will burn.

2. Building muscle helps to build bone too. Physical tension stimulates the growth of muscle mass and bone density. After experiencing the stimulus, your body uses amino acids to build and repair muscle, and uses protein, calcium, magnesium, and Vitamins K and D to build bone.

3. If you have sore knees or shoulders, the answer may be to strengthen the muscles that surround the joints to provide support. Having a strong body can also help prevent injury in falls, as your joints are more supported.

4. Muscles provide the scaffolding on which can give our arms, legs, back a more shapely appearance. You can actually change the shape of your body by progressively overloading certain muscle groups.

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