Welcome to Parkside Community

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our community guidelines

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If it’s your first time joining us, make sure to arrive 5-10 minutes early, to go through and exercise questionaire, meet your instructor, and familiarise yourself with the equipment you’ll be using during the class.

You will be able to store your belongings in a basket.

What you need to bring:
Grip-Socks (we sell grip socks at the studio). Unfortunately, you won’t be allowed on the equipment without a clean pair of grip-socks.
Drink bottle
Sweat towel

Please make sure you arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the beginning of the class.  Being late affects the flow of the class and can disrupt the experience for our other community members.

To ensure equal opportunities for all community members to attend classes, we uphold a strict 9-hour cancellation policy.

You can cancel a class the same way as you booked it, we do not accept cancellations through email, phone calls, or social media.

Details regarding cancellations:

Cancellations made more than 9 hours before the class will return the session.

Late cancellations, made less than 9 hours before the class, will result in forfeiting the session.

Additional Information:

No-shows and absences will result in forfeiting the session.

Arriving late will be considered a no-show.


If a class you want to attend is full, you can join the waitlist. If there is an opening, you will receive an email or text notification confirming your enrollment. Failure to respond will be interpreted as confirmation of your attendance.

You can be added into class from the waitlist up to 1hr before class starts.

The 9 hour cancellation policy applies to waitlisted spots too, so if you can no longer make it to class, cancel your waitlist.

If your pregnancy is uncomplicated and you feel  well enough to exercise, you can join any of our classes throughout your pregnancy. We have wedges to support you during class if you need and can always offer options and alternatives to accommodate you.

Please let me know before class if there is any information regarding yourself or your well-being that I should be aware of. This will allow me to make necessary accommodations during the class. Feel free to share how you are feeling on the day and any specific instructions from doctors or specialists.

I will be right by your side during the session, providing guidance and presenting you with alternatives. You have the freedom and encouragement to make your own decisions when it comes to movement.

In dealing with Parkside Pilates Studio  you agree to the following code of conduct:

Every community member has the right to feel safe and respected. free of judgement, assumption and shame. We do not tolerate oppressive behaviour or discrimination of any kind. Any persons who act in defiance of this code will be asked to leave the studio, their sessions refunded and account terminated.

In line with the ACCC, refunds for change of mind, unused sessions, studio closure due to lockdown, or any unforeseen circumstance by or external to the business will not be granted.

All community members must have their own account (for safety and insurance purposes) and purchase their own sessions.

Sessions are non-transferable.

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